Jun 21, 2018 / Sculpture

Work of Jago

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Memoria di sé (memory of self): “The face I was sculpting, which was mine, seemed incomplete. I opened the stone, releasing the image of my memory, an image of incorruptible purity…” (NOW ON VIEW AT ABC STONE)

Donald: The play of a child appears to be innocent, even if the gaze, projected into the future, betrays its true nature. (NOW ON VIEW AT ABC STONE)


Prigioni (prisons): The figures within seem to be enveloped by a marble shell, from which hands, arms, and other parts of the body try to emerge.


Muscolo Minerale (mineral muscle): A hyper-realistic heart seems to come to life from within a stone, as if it had always been hidden inside.


Facelock: Reflecting upon humankind’s addiction, from childhood, to modern technologies, and the fine line we tread between freedom and constraint.