Jun 21, 2018 / Sculpture

Vergine Bambina by Jago

The Concept

The idea for the Vergine Bambina (Virgin Child) was born and developed as a statement against corruption, as it takes on the form of conception without sin, represented by a naked body showing its pregnant form as a symbol of purity. This will be realized by Jago sculpting a block of Vermont Danby Marble approximately 16 feet tall and 7 feet wide. This will be the second piece the artist realizes in American marble as part of his partnership with ABC Stone and the North American Sculpture Center.

The Sculpture

The work of the Virgin, naked and with her hair loose, represents the moment of awareness when the young Virgin Mary discovers that her body itself is confirmation of the miracle prophesied by the angel in the Annunciation. Mary realizes she is carrying the Savior in her womb. This adolescent; inviolate, uncorrupted, and free from moral contamination, turns out to be the bearer of salvation. The work will be supported by a cedar trunk clinging to the rock, whose fruit that grows on a notoriously strong and resistant tree has always been a symbol of incorruptibility and immortality.

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