Jan 8, 2020 / News

Taking Inventory: 4 Experts Discuss The Future Of Stone In Design | via ASPIRE DESIGN AND HOME

For the ASPIRE DESIGN AND HOME winter issue, we spoke with four brands on the future of stone in design.

ABC Stone | Lapitec® Ebano, Vesuvio finish. Photo courtesy of Lapitec®.

Lyndsey Belle Tyler | Creative Director of ABC Stone

AXIOM: Kitchens these days are “a feast for the eyes” and have become the ‘design center’ of the house. One reason is the Instagram Phenomenon. Everyone’s asking themselves how to top the kitchens they see on the site; they’re searching for the “wow” factor.

ADVENTURE WITH A CAPITAL “A”: We love the adventure of seeing the natural beauty the earth yields. There’s a certain wonder about it all, no two lots are ever the same. We feel like the mountain is telling us a story that we have the incredible honor of discovering.

INCREDIBLE COMPOSITIONS: We work directly with quarries on six continents for natural materials and have a procurement team on staff that travels the world to make sure we only source top materials.

WHAT THE FUTURE HOLDS: Color and pattern are going to continue to take over. Clients want their space to make an impact, and stone does that effortlessly. Whether it’s a semi-precious vanity top or a perfectly book-matched marble countertop, stone is simply not meant to blend into the background, and clients are excited to move in new and bold directions.

HOT ROCKS: ABC Stone’s Lapitec® is a manmade, bio-compatible product from production to processing to end product. Releases no CO2, and actually cleans the air.

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