Stonethica produces stone materials as part of an eco-sustainable cycle: waste products from the processing of marble and natural stone are recycled and made into slabs through the use of a non-toxic and bicomponent resin. The process allows an average of 80% of the starting material to be salvaged, resulting in products between 98.6 % and 99.4% recycled content to contribute to compliance with LEED® (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design), and BREEAM® (Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Method) standards.

It is a homogeneous material with a typical layered texture resulting from the combination and overlapping of stone slabs. While to the touch the finish of the Stonethica slabs is the same as smooth, polished marble, the consistency of the material prevents there being noticeable differences or intersections between the layers of recycled waste material.

Stonethica is…

  • Guaranteed for residential and commercial indoor use
  • Ideal for floors, walls, and counters
  • Suitable for creating furniture
  • Useful for customizing housing and work spaces
  • Resistant and easy to maintain
  • Its seven stone variants highlights the latest trends in interior design with the beautiful colors of the Apuan marbles of Carrara. Available slab size: 120” x 63”.

ABC Stone is the exclusive NY distributor for Stonethica.