What separates a great idea from a masterpiece is the simple act of execution, and when inspiration strikes for interior designer and artist Annie Mandelkern, she instinctively seizes the opportunity. Case in point: After seeing a graveyard of misfit stone cuttings, the artist sketched to life—Hollywood-style on a napkin while out to dinner with her fabricator Stella Demakos—her debut collection of accessible home furnishings composed of remnant stones.

Admittedly always designing on the fly, the designer quickly transitioned her initial napkin drawings into a feasible design game plan—with the creative guidance of Stella from Marbleline—ready for assembly. Stella, who likens stone to nature’s very own art gallery, jumped at the chance to collaborate with the artist. “This collection truly embodies Annie’s authenticity, artistry, and passion,” she says. “Her unique viewpoint, mixing and matching of materials, colors, and trendsetting is inspiring and we make a great team!” Echoing Stella’s enthusiasm, Annie knew this was a big moment for material upcycling and Stella would be able to keep the design-forward collection wallet conscious.

It’s been the artist’s linear thinking and sustainable approach that led to the careful creation of Sketch Artist for ABC Stone, a 16 piece collection of modern-minded, architecture-inspired home furnishings drawn from heart to hand and, finally, to home.

Invite-Only Table

Group Think Onyx Trio

Know Your Angles Bench

Meet Cute Tables

Showrunner Console

Understudy Entertaining Tables

After Party Cocktail Table

The Muse Cocktail Table

Scene Stealer

Blank Canvas Cocktail Table

Flip The Script Cocktail Tables

Contrasting Effect Coffee Table

Leveling Up Tables

Character Building Side Table

Mirror Series