Bianco Giulia

The Musa Collection from Lapitec – the world’s first sintered stone slabs with through-body veining.

The product of years of research, three variations are now available, all on a Bianco Assoluto base with Lux and Satin finishes and veining in tones of grey.

From straight lines and sharp angles for a strong contemporary feel, to thicker or more delicate veining in softer patterns, Lapitec offers exclusive veined slabs that create great visual impact and can be mirrored. Purity, versatility and strength in a single collection; a revolutionary material that breaks all boundaries.


132.5” x 57-59”


Available in ½ and ¾”


Available finishes are Lux, Satin, and Lithos.

Please contact your ABC Stone representative for availability and lead-times.