Brice Esso


Ivory Onyx and Green Onyx (2018)

Brice Esso was born in Cote d’Ivoire in 1991. His childhood was filled with experiences that helped shape his sensibility for art and culture. Although his family hoped he would pursue a career in medicine, he opted to attend Georgia State University to study finance and economics. He completed his degree and along the way reconnected with his passion for visual arts. Brice returned to his native country where he had his first solo exhibition – a multi-medium show featuring photography, drawings, paintings, and music. Following the success of his show, Brice returned to the US in the Fall of 2015 — this time landing in New York City at the prestigious New York Academy of Art. He was chosen as a 2016 recipient of the Carrara Residency Merit Award sponsored by ABC Stone which took him to Italy where he learned to sculpt stone. He found his home in stone and was, as they say, never the same.

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