Jan 13, 2021 / Stone Discoveries

Lapitec | For those looking forward

Imagine a surfacing material made of 100% minerals that contains no resin or petroleum derivatives and holds up to heat, cold, scratching, and etching while being both anti-microbial and hydrophilic. What if this material also served as a photocatalyst that cleaned the air by reacting with light to break down and eliminate harmful pollutants?

Welcome to the world of Lapitec.

Lapitec is a ‘green’ material both in its production and in its final form. It is completely inert and does not release any pollutants or VOCs into the environment. Further, the product life cycle is reversible, meaning that the material may be destroyed and turned back into the same mineral powder from which it was created, thus making it able to be reused in the production process and completely recyclable.

Lapitec is a full-bodied sintered stone that can be used for:

Interior and exterior cladding, flooring, indoor or outdoor kitchen countertops, pool copings, and ventilated façades. Available in a variety of thicknesses, textures, and extra-large slab sizes, Lapitec has through-body color and patterning, allowing for ease of use in countless applications and a multitude of creative edge options.

Lapitec – Innovation and design without boundaries.