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Courses on Offer | 1.17.19

Session 1 Options | 4pm

Natural Stone 101
This one-hour class is designed for construction industry professionals desiring to gain a full understanding of natural stone as a building material. Learn more about the various natural stones (limestone, travertine, onyx, marble, serpentine, sandstone, slate, quartzite, and granite). Obtain information about common quarrying techniques, fabrication, and finishing methods. With this understanding, you’ll enhance your ability to select the right stone, fabrication technique, and finish for your project.

Sintered Surface | The Latest Technology in the World of Surfacing Materials
With so many building materials available on the market, it can be difficult to know which is best for your project. Recent technological advances have led to the development of this new & innovative product, sintered surface. This one-hour class is designed for construction professionals to gain a full understanding of sintered surface as an ideal material for countertop and cladding applications.

Session 2 Options | 5pm

The Art of Specifying Natural Stone
This one hour session is designed to give architects and designers an overview of how to specify natural stone. There are many factors to consider to ensure you are choosing the proper material for your project. What do you need to know about its species, color variations, and finish possibilities? Is the quarry able to produce the sizes and quantities you need? And finally, what factors affect the price of the stone you specify? Get the resources you need to help ensure the stone you choose meets the standards and design intent set for your application.

Exterior Stone Veneers and Pavers
This program gives a better understanding of the various types of stone veneer and pavers. It also identifies system components including, substrate preparation, waterproofing, and anti-fracture membranes.

*All party attendees (beginning at 6pm) will automatically receive 1 CE credit for touring our new state-of-the-art facility, The Center @ Hicksville

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