Aug 15, 2022 / Field Notes

Field Notes | Piera Ruvolo

What stones do you think are trending right now?

Bold, old world, and rich colored marbles along with the classics (Calacatta Gold and Statuary are still in very high demand!) Natural rust is -finally- part of designers’ palettes, burgundy, purple, deep green, ink black veins on an off-white warm background. Breccias are used to entirely clad spaces or for an accent feature. Arabescato of any selection, Calacatta Viola, Calacatta Monet, Calacatta Turquoise, Breccia Capraia, Fior di Pesco Apuano, Paonazzo are our Designers’ Favs!

What materials are you really loving right now?

I love all the above. I am lucky! I get to work on projects where – most of the time – my favorite stones are incorporated. I feel at home. They all speak Italian like me!

If you were a stone, what would you be and why?

The best selection of CALACATTA TURQUOISE! I love green, and I love the many different nuances of green that you can find in this stone. The gentle but powerful movement of its veins makes it the protagonist of the space. I love the quarry this stone comes from and the many wonders you can find there.