Apr 29, 2022 / Stone Discoveries

Field Notes | Marzena Kubit

What stones do you think are trending right now?

I have the pleasure of working with many wonderful and creative designers and architects and each one works within a variety of color palettes. Usually, their choices depend on the client’s needs, preferences, and personalities but the magic happens when they see the stone itself. I love getting to see the “Aha!” moment when the perfect stone appears before them. In terms of color, pink has made a major comeback over the past few years. Whites, grays, and beiges – neutral, light colors are always popular, but in each project, there is often a beautiful focal element – one where the painterly waves and unique striations of the stone are really given a chance to shine.

What materials are you really loving right now?

Each one is unique to me and each can help create a lovely accent in a project. Indigo Green is always a favorite of mine. Every time we get a new lot, I find myself so drawn to it. I fully appreciate the whimsical creativity in nature – not perfection and not uniformity – but the opposite – I appreciate the qualities that make each slab unique and different. I definitely love natural stone, but I also appreciate our sintered stone, Lapitec. The fact that it’s 100% recyclable and completely silica free is a huge bonus and I will always recommend it to clients.

Have you seen any recent projects that show any of these materials beautifully?

I am a strong person and a hard-working, career-oriented woman, not to mention a mother and a wife – in that regard, I’m similar to a granite. But I am also soft – I flourish in nature and have an affinity for beautiful flowers – maybe in some ways, I am marble. I am an artist and I love color and the unexpected, so perhaps I am onyx. I also love the simple things in life – so there’s a bit of limestone in me too. Maybe I defy categories… maybe we all do.