Feb 2, 2022 / Stone Discoveries

Field Notes | Kristi Karu

What stones do you think are trending right now?

The demand for vibrant colors and dramatic patterns has been steadily increasing. Among the white marbles, Calacatta Macchia Vecchia and Calacatta Paonazzo are definitely the most sought-after at the moment. High contrast and/or multicolor veining, and a touch of gold seems to be the perfect recipe.

At the same time, not a day goes by without inquiries for Rosa Aurora Macchia Vecchia or Opera D’Arte. Undoubtedly, not for the fainthearted, but you can find the most exquisite installations of both in every design blog.

What stone are you really loving right now?

My love and passion for natural stone would make narrowing down this answer to one quite impossible, but there are some I’ve always felt a very special connection to. Whether it’s the soul-soothing ocean colors in Calacatta Turquoise, mesmerizing labradorescence in Lemurian Baobab, or the most unexpected definition and tones in the artwork of Indigo Green… Some stones just leave you breathless and I am sure which ones they are, is very different for everyone.

In the right environment, every stone can be a masterpiece.

Have you seen any recent projects that show any of these materials beautifully?

Absolutely! Our very own bar in the Flatiron showroom is the perfect example of utilizing the magic of Lemurian Baobab. Happy to share photos of some of my other favorites as well.