Oct 18, 2022 / Field Notes

Field Notes | Aya Mubaarak

What stones do you think are trending right now?

I think the design world is tickled pink right now! And if they aren’t yet, they will be! Blush and rosy hues are creeping up everywhere and I can understand why. It’s a playful, light-hearted color. The perfect antidote to the recent difficulties we’ve experienced on a global level. I don’t know if it’s escapism, a desire to reconnect with our childhood, or something in between, but I do know it’s as sweet as it is calming— especially in stone.

Many pink stones have warm beige or cream tones like Rosa Aurora Macchia Vecchia or Botticelli. Even a Cappuccino or Honey Onyx can pull pinks but wrapped in cozy browns and oranges. If you are ready to fully take the pink plunge, my votes are: Cristallo Roseblue, Coral Pink or the ever-candy Pink Onyx!

What material are you really loving right now?

Anything with striking, lightning-like veins. Whenever I see materials like Lilac, Sahara Blanc, Rosso Levanto, or Grigio Carnico I feel supercharged!

If you were a stone, what would you be and why?

Onyx. Layered, sensitive, and my light shines from within.

Have you seen any recent projects that show any of these materials beautifully? 

Certainly! See below for a gallery of recent project photos that have inspired me.