Sep 28, 2020 / Designer Spotlight

Fall Vibes Abound | Inspiration from Top Design Talents

The Summer of 2020 is officially in the history books and we are so ready for the Fall. To celebrate, we asked a few of our favorite interior designers to curate seasonally-inspired mood boards, and what they came up with is nothing short of divine. Check out these gorgeous Fall-ready palettes below!

Gabriela Gargano: Grisoro Designs
Stone Selection: Les Quatres Seisons

I chose Les Quatres Seisons marble as the basis of my fall mood board, because it captures all of the tones and movement that embody fall as a transitional season. The rose, eggplant, brown, and grey colors point to winter, while the accents of cream and green conjure the freshness of summer. The bold and angular veining juxtapose these colors so beautifully and create a sense of movement and transition, that for me, embodies fall.

With this in mind, I paired the stone with materials that speak to each season. Summer is reflected by the beautiful cream linen from Rogers and Goffigon and a stained white oak. Fall is shown with a rich brown velvet and taupe boucle from Holland and Sherry, plus oiled walnut. Finally, winter is captured by the Rosemary Hallgarten textured wool rug, dark bronze from Urban Electric & Co, and an extra cozy natural sheepskin. The black seashells and dried leaf are items I picked up in the last few weeks that speak exactly to the palette.

I expect to see a lot of warm fabrics and textures for fall, especially in light of COVID and an increased amount of time indoors.  Natural wools and sheepskins are a staple for us, however, I’m really loving the rich wine and deep browns this season! I think the desire to incorporate more unique and bold marbles will be an ongoing trend as well. While we love our classic marbles, a stone like Les Quatres Seisons truly is a work of art, and a beautiful way to incorporate color.

Gabriella Grisoro


Melissa Colgan: Melissa Colgan Interiors
Stone Selection: Arabescato Antico

As we head into fall I am also headed into a renovation of my 1890s DC Rowhouse and I am drawn to things that feel moody and authentic, like the Arabescato Antico marble from ABC Stone. The veining in the marble is a breathtaking mix of creamy whites, rich dark grey, and even a little bit of terra cotta brown—the color of fallen leaves. We’ve been inside for months but fall still makes me crave a cozy respite and I’d happily shut the world away for an hour for a long soak in a bath clad in richly veined Arabescato. Paired with polished nickel fixtures, a warm grey paint palette, earth-toned fabrics, and irreverent lighting, this bath would be the perfect place for shutting out DC noise.

Melissa Colgan


Bailey Li: Bailey Li Interiors
Stone Selection: Onice Bella Rosa – Van Gogh

I was completely inspired by ABC’s Onice Bella Rosa – Van Gogh. It just screams Fall. With that in mind, I put together a mood for a kitchen and adjoining family room. Hues of blue mimic an evening sky with metallic champagne-colored cabinets and jewelry-like, Earthy hardware. The dramatic amber, stainless, & black metal chandelier, a lapis-hued, velvet sectional, a cozy yet stylish armchair in charcoal, a textured area rug, and ombré velvet throw pillows had me thinking of cozying up by the fireplace while draped in an orange cashmere fringed poncho.

Bailey Li


Madison Clark: Fawn Galli Interiors
Stone Selection: Calacatta Paonazzo

This fall we find ourselves drawn to hues of aubergine. The rich colors and deep saturation feel cozy and warm. Perfect for when you’re looking to hunker down at home as we enter this next season. The pops of yellow add brightness and freshness, leaving us hopeful for the future. The Calacatta Paonazzo pulls all of these together in the that only way nature can with balance and contrast. Its hints of eggplant and that streak of rust make it sing. We are also always into mixing metals and adding a bit of rock and roll vibes to keep things interesting.

Madison Clark


Elizabeth Bolognino: Elizabeth Bolognino Interiors
Stone Selection: Calacatta Turquoise

I have been searching for a “different” stone… one that still felt classic but I wanted it to feel updated and current to integrate into my design aesthetic. When I saw this Calacatta Turquoise it instantly felt right. I love the swaths of bluish-green offset with hints of purple. The white field of the stone keeps it fresh and references tradition.

I’m inspired this Fall by colors/textures that emulate outdoor environments so we remain nature-connected. As we enter into the colder months, we must design for optimism. My goal is to integrate natural forms with fresh colors that give a sense of open-air freshness.


Augusta Hoffman: Augusta Hoffman Studio
Stone Selection: Paonazzo Grande + Appalachian Green

As we head into fall, with colder temperatures around the corner, I find myself drawn to dimensional, warm materiality as our surroundings evolve from crisp, bright greens to saturated jewel tones. To me, fall opens the door to more natural, organic materials, like cognac leather, rough textural linens, and accents of oak — materials that remind us of the outside world, but that can be enjoyed at home.

I love the idea of layering these elements with natural fiber chairs by Charlotte Perriand, french confit jars, and handmade ceramic tiles. Honed Appalachian Green and Paonazzo Grande marble complement this with a hint of glamour, while still drawing inspiration from timeless, organic tones in nature.

Augusta Hoffman