Concreo | Conclad

Beauty. Technology. Sustainability.

Concreo and Conclad represent a new chapter in concrete finishes, allowing the popular seamless, modern aesthetic to be a flexible option for interiors. Concreo and Conclad are among the most innovative architectural products on the market today, as they open a world of options to designers in the form of a lightweight, pre-cast, simple-to-install solution that is water-, fire-, and stain-resistant with technically reliable, guaranteed results every time. Created from recycled cellulose fibers and gypsum, Concreo and Conclad are not actually concrete at all and the products exceed the most stringent environmental impact ratings in the world. As such, Concreo and Conclad are ecologically sustainable, non-toxic, biocompatible, and asbestos and formaldehyde free.

Conclad is intended for use as wall cladding, while Concreo was specifically designed for use on furniture & cabinetry. Both materials are appropriate for commercial and residential spaces. Concreo and Conclad can be cut, milled, & drilled with the same tools as are used for woodworking making installation simple, safe, and secure. See installation and tutorials on how to work Concreo and Conclad here.

Introduced as a commercial product in Italy in 2015, Concreo and Conclad now adorn important institutions such as The Centre Georges Pompidou in Paris and the Architects Association in Florence. Panels are available in a variety of dimensions and can be adapted to the specifications of any project. Material thickness ranges from 5-17 mm. Click here for a complete listing of available panel sizes.