Oct 9, 2019 / ABC | NYC

ABC Digital Stone Catalogue

ABC is proud to present our Digital Stone Catalogue
Featuring ASIST (Advanced Stone Imaging Software Technology)

The Digital Stone Catalogue coupled with a robust sample library, enables our clients to accurately imagine the exact properties of their stone, all without leaving our showroom.

The Digital Stone Catalogue:

  • Allows us to photograph every piece of stone that enters our inventory.
  • Color corrects and scales each slab to the closest 1/16”
  • This system allows enhanced quality control of our inventory as each slabs unique qualities are catalogued and noted, so that we can properly advise our clients and staff of these details.
  • This technology ensures that slab images can be applied directly into renderings, thus creating incredible efficiency in design development and production.
  • Our large-scale HD monitors are used to present the ASIST Catalogue, and enable us to zoom in extremely high resolution.

ABC Stone has changed the game in stone specification in order to serve the A+D community in the most reliable, transparent, and efficient way possible. We proudly bring together digital and analog forces to inspire innovative design on every scale.