ARDEX Liquid BackerBoard®

Self-Leveling Underlayment for Interior Wood and Concrete Subfloors​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

​An industry first high-performance self-leveling underlayment for use over interior wood or concrete subfloors that delivers the ultimate smooth, flat, hard surface for the installation of tile and stone floors.  Does NOT require lath mesh or additives.

ARDEX Liquid BackerBoard®  is a pourable, Portland cement-based material that replaces traditional backer board for a faster, easier, seamless installation over wooden subfloors, concrete, terrazzo, ceramic tile and epoxy, eliminating the need to cut, fit, glue, fasten and other time consuming steps.

When used to smooth and level wood subfloors, ARDEX Liquid BackerBoard does NOT need lath mesh.  It is suitable for use with in-floor electrical heating systems and tile or stone can be installed in as little as 6 hours. Providing a flatter, smoother and more durable surface….and provides a more efficient and less expensive installation overall.

ARDEX Liquid BackerBoard’s pristine smooth and flat surface cannot be achieved with traditional hard, inflexible backer board sheets. It eliminates uneven wobbling and cracking of large format tiles, and the need for additional back-buttering to compensate for the dips and uneven surfaces of backer board sheets.

  • Does NOT require lath mesh or additives
  • Replaces bulky, time consuming and expensive backer board
  • Portland cement based
  • Walk on in 2 to 3 hours
  • Lay tile or stone flooring in just 6 hours
  • Excellent coverage – 32.5 sq. ft. per 50 lb. bag
    (one bag  =2.5 to 3 backer board sheets)
  • Easy installation – mix with water, pour and smooth
  • Suitable with electrical floor heating systems
  • Install up to 1 ¼”

Available in 50 lb. packaging

Watch the ARDEX Liquid Backerboard installation video.

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