​MICROTEC® Semi-Pourable Thin Set Mortar​​​​​​​​

​Ideal for large format floor tile installations, especially in high traffic areas, interior or exterior.

ARDEX X 78™ MICROTEC® is a high performance, microfiber reinforced, polymer modified, semi-pourable, thin set mortar especially formulated for horizontal large format tile installations. Use for installing porcelain, glass, mosaic, quarry, ceramic and most natural stone tiles* over interior or exterior concrete and masonry floor surfaces. Also, use for interior applications over exterior-grade plywood. It can be used on floors with in-floor heating systems. Special additives virtually eliminate the risk of efflorescence.

ARDEX X 78 is formulated to provide a high bond strength and flexibility, making it ideal for the installation of large format tiles in high traffic areas. Its unique, semi-pourable consistency makes application over large areas fast and easy. In addition, it provides excellent contact upon setting eliminating the need to back butter the tile in most installations.

  • Use for setting porcelain, glass, quarry, ceramic, all types of mosaic and most natural stone* tiles
  • Use over exterior concrete and masonry surfaces, as well as over common interior surfaces, including exterior grade plywood
  • Extended open time of up to 60 minutes – double the ISO standard
  • Especially suited for large format tile installations
  • Very high bond strength, highly flexible for excellent shear resistance
  • Unique, semi-pourable consistency makes it extremely easy to mix and apply
  • Ideal for high traffic areas
  • Special additives virtually eliminate the risk of efflorescence
  • Use for interior and exterior floors and horizontal surfaces
  • Outstanding coverage – 105 sq. ft. (9.75 sq. m) per bag with1/4″ sq. notch trowel
  • 4 hour pot life

Available in gray and white – 40lb. (18kg) bags

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