Our Mission is to serve design trade professionals as an essential resource and trusted partner. From inception to execution, anticipating our client’s needs and exceeding expectations is our guiding principle.


Here at ABC, we value all that is beautiful and useful. We believe that form and function must live together in carefully crafted balance and it is our policy to assess the precise specifications of each project so we are able to offer case-specific insights and suggestions. We take great pride in our ability to seamlessly grow ideas from concept to visually stunning completion.

ABC is a socially responsible organization dedicated to the continued development of the cultural arts. As a means of sustaining and promoting the use of stone as an artistic medium, we work closely with many of today’s foremost sculptors to support and advance this timeless art form. Our showroom doubles as a gallery space featuring a variety of truly breathtaking sculptural works. It is our belief that deepening the awareness of stone commensurately widens respect for this venerable medium and the millennia-old human tradition of transforming it as a means of expression and storytelling.

Thank you for stopping by. We invite you to peruse our comprehensive catalogue of the world’s finest stone and we encourage you to phone or email us with inquiries or to make an appointment.