The Rolling Huts of Tom Kundig/Olson Kundig

The Rolling Huts are a group of six 200 SqFt platform homes in the meadowlands of Methow Valley in Washington state, designed by Tom Kundig and our friends at Olson Kundig. Conceived as an alternative to traditional camping huts, the Huts allow for a kind of mobile hospitality experience: camping, along with the creature comforts of a conventional hotel. The huts themselves are little more than boxes on steel platforms, clad in steel, hovering above the meadows to afford guests unobstructed views; typical to this point: each Hut also has 240 SqFt of deck space, double-paned sliding glass doors. Features of the interiors include raw cork, plywood, and high windows welcoming abundant natural light while maintaining privacy from the other huts. (A stay in a Rolling Hut runs two people $145/night.)

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