BIG’s first professional sports stadium for Austin

BIG | Bjarke Ingels Group have designed and now released renderings of a very unorthodox sports arena in Austin: the East Austin District, which bills itself as “Austin’s first pro-sports stadium” will actually also host office space, convention space, retail volumes, a medical facility, and a museum arena. For this reason, it was designed by our friends at BIG as many interlocking stadiums; mass square footage: 1.3M SqFt. The main stadium will feature 40,K seats and is designed for soccer and rugby; it is connected to a 15,K-seat multipurpose arena. The connected spaces will be covered by a latticed rooftop with a checkerboard pattern, which is also photovoltaic, hence it will allow the complex to be self-sufficient; hopes are that it will eventually be able to export electricity to the rest of eastern Austin.

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