Ground is Broken on Mexico City’s Tallest Residential Tower (Bora Residential Tower by Zaha Hadid Architects)

Construction has begun on a tower in Mexico City’s Santa Fe district, characterized by its tapered form, and the fact that it will be the city’s tallest residential building (50-storeys). Last week, our friends at Zaha Hadid Architects broke ground on the Bora Residential Tower, which, when completed, will be the city’s tallest residential building, standing more than 50 storeys. Commissioned in 2015 by Nemesis Capital, the Bora Residential Tower was one Zaha Hadid’s last projects before her death last year. The tower is actually comprised of six smaller towers, bundled around a core; and, at its base, it flares outward in a series of circuitous canopies, beneath which are amenities, restaurants, and retail volumes. The canopies are aesthetically pleasing and also provide the structure with lateral stability (a crucial feature in the event of an earthquake and a brilliant melding of form and function).

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