OMA Redesigns Rijnstraat 8 (The Hague)

The Rijnstraat 8 is a transformed government office building in The Hague. Our friends at OMA‘s rejigging of the nearly 1M SqFt structure marks the first large-scale implementation of an initiative of the government of the Netherlands to consolidate and reduce the overall biofootprint of office space. Unsurprisingly, the Rijnstraat 8 is home to the Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management, among others. Led by OMA partner Ellen van Loon, the design is based around flexible and minimal spaces: a gigantic walkway spans the entire building connecting an array of offices with open plans. It also incorporates a variety of sustainability measures, including triple-glazing, solar panels, LED’s, and heat and cold storage; and, while 20% of the original structure was demolished, 100% was repurposed by OMA for the project.

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