IA Interior Architects’ Toronto Offices for Scotiabank

IA Interior Architects‘ Toronto office, in collaboration with our friends at their New York office, have completed the new Toronto offices of Scotiabank, a Canadian multinational bank and financial services firm. Offices for “The Digital Factory” as it is now known were designed by IA with a view towards fomenting productivity among staff, and enticing tech-savvy professionals to join their ranks. After observing that the staff generally gathered in an unofficially designated central area to collaborate and present work, IA installed a rotunda 32’ in diameter, to function as a planned gathering space. Also notable here is the use of color and lights: a wall of LED panels stream live company metrics including customer feedback; bright colors distinguish six neighborhoods to help make the immense interior easier to navigate: “art,” “storytelling,” “architecture,” “gaming,” “music,” and “film.”

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