Snøhetta Reveals Plans for Underwater Restaurant

Our friends at Snøhetta’s “Under” will actually be more than just a restaurant: when not in use, it will host scientists from Norwegian research centers devoted to behaviorally training wild fish with sound signals in order to create and maintain optimal conditions on the seabed for these animals to thrive in close proximity to the restaurant. Which is useful because there they will be eaten: the restaurant will offer locally sourced seafood prepared under the direction of Danish chef Nicolai Ellitsgaard Pedersen. “Under” will even provide a habitat for shellfish: the structure itself will be a concrete shell, coarse enough on its exterior to encourage mussels to lodge themselves in its surface. The interiors will feature a palette of concrete and dark oak evocative of the structure’s surrounding natural environment. “Under” will feature three levels; its entrance is adjacent to a tidepool; it descends sixteen feet under the North Sea. And boasts a 36’x13’ acrylic window with views of the seabed as it changes with the seasons.

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