Lake|Flato’s Hog Pen Creek House

A two-storey, L-shaped house designed by our friends at Lake|Flato lies on five acres of land at the end of a road where Lake Austin meets Hog Pen Creek, surrounded and well-shaded by oak and pecan trees. Built around the constraints of easements and a flood plain, hence leaving only one-quarter of an acre of buildable land, the Hog Pen Creek home is essentially a property built from the inside out, with multifarious outdoor porches and walkways winding around the estate. The angular, almost skeletal construction of the site-plan, comprised of distinct units, connected by a kind of “boardwalk,” allows the ingress of copious amounts of natural light, which functions here as a kind of decorative element; and the structures comprising the residences are sided with warm vertical grain Western red cedar, also used to create custom kitchen cabinets and other elements of the interiors.

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