This is… Carrara

Awash with translucent light bouncing off the bedrock about 60 miles northwest of Florence sits Carrara. In addition to its world-renowned marble quarries, the city has academies of sculpture and fine arts and a museum of statuary and antiquities, and a yearly marble technology fair. The local marble is exported around the world, and marble from elsewhere is also fashioned and sculpted commercially here. Take a few moments and breathe in the sweeping vistas of magnificent Carrara.

ABC Sponsors the 6th Annual atHome a-List Awards

At ABC Stone, it’s no secret that we love great design and architecture, which is why we’ve sponsored the atHome a-List Awards for the past 6 years. atHome consistently showcases the best of the best in Fairfield County with stunning photography and compelling editorial. We are grateful for the support atHome and the A&D community of Fairfield County has given ABC through the years and we are thrilled to be part of such an extraordinary evening.

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