Artists in Conversation

  • Inner Baby by Heena Kim
  • Inner Baby by Heena Kim- Side View
  • Inner Baby by Heena Kim- Alt Side View
  • Mother by Joshua Henderson
  • Mother by Joshua Henderson- Alt. View
  • (From left) Stephen Shaheen, Heena Kim, Joshua Henderson, Mark Menin
  • Inner Baby by Heena Kim
  • Inner Baby by Heena Kim- Side View
  • Inner Baby by Heena Kim- Alt. Side View
  • Mother by Joshua Henderson
  • Mother by Joshua Henderson- Alt. View
  • (From left) Stephen Shaheen, Heena Kim, Joshua Henderson, Mark Menin
On February 11th, the winner’s of the 2014 Carrara Artist Residency gathered at the New York Academy of Art in Tribeca for a panel discussion moderated by Mark Menin. The discussion between Joshua Henderson (MFS 2015), Heena Kim (MFA 2014) and Steve Shaheen (MFA 2005) focused on the ABC Stone sponsored annual Artist Residency in Carrara. The panelists discussed carving in stone for the first time, the pointing system, and carving in the historical shadows of the Renaissance. Works started in Carrara were displayed.

At ABC stone, we love rocks. We happen to think they are beautiful which is why we are intensely interested in the fluidity of human emotion that can be realized through shaping them. As a means of sustaining and promoting the use of stone as an artistic medium, we work closely with many of today’s foremost sculptors to support and advance this timeless art form. It is our belief that deepening the awareness of stone commensurately widens respect for this venerable medium and the millennia-old human tradition of transforming it as a means of expression and storytelling.

ABC Stone Presents “Radical Intent” at Gallery 151





A child’s first stuffed animal. The tarsal of a saint. A purse that costs as much as a car. Subjects of irrational reverence, they remind us of the precarious contingencies of our desires: what we really value are essences, not properties.

In a radical gesture, Duchamp declares a urinal to be Fountain. With radical intentionality, sculptors Sebastian Martorana, Barbara Segal, Stephen Shaheen and Alasdair Thomson anoint metamorphosed lumps of shells as Shirt, Canvas, Cinder Block, Bone. This is not a Chanel bag. Or is it? Both are crafted and craved for their symbolic capital. Yet there is something phenomenologically different when intention is invested through making, by an aggregate of thousands of decisions and an intense realization process requiring years of training. In an era where machines can produce simulacra in marble for anyone with an idea and a credit card, representation comes with new responsibilities—and new implications, when rendered by hand.

These four artists, whose honed skills seem avant-garde in a scene saturated with externalized modes of production, present confoundingly scrupulous works in marble. It is not virtuosity on display, but virtuosic carving in the service of a fierce intention. Objects of devotion pursued obsessively, fetishizations of fetishes, sculpted fetishistically.

Curated by Stephen Shaheen & Michael Namer

For more photos:
  • Birth Stone: Piggy by Sebastian Martorana

    Birth Stone: Piggy by Sebastian Martorana

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  • IMG_9994

  • IMG_9992

  • IMG_9991

  • IMG_0041

  • IMG_0110

  • IMG_0022

  • IMG_0008

  • IMG_0003

  • IMG_9978

  • IMG_0078
  • Birth Stone: Piggy by Sebastian Martorana
  • Aisling by Alasdair Thomson
  • Details. Aisling by Alasdair Thomson
  • Aisling by Alasdair Thomson
  • Bones by Stephen Shaheen
  • Chanel No. 5 by Barbara Segal
  • First Steps by Alasdair Thomson
  • Birth Stone: Little Lamb by Sebastian Martorana
  • I Heart New York by Alasdair Thomson
  • Soft Steps: Baby Steps by Sebastian Martorana
  • Cinder Block by Sebastian Martorana
  • Cathedral Dress by Barbara Segal

Art Miami 2014- The 25th Anniversary

An interpretation of the David by Antonio Pio Saracino

Hero, an interpretation of Michelangelo’s David by Antonio Pio Saracino

Known as Miami’s premier anchor fair, Art Miami kicks off the opening day of Art Week — the first week of December when thousands of collectors, dealers, curators and artists descend upon Miami. World-famous for its stylish gallery-like decor, its outstanding quality and extraordinary variety, Art Miami showcases the best in modern and contemporary art from 125 international art galleries.

The Quarry Life by Paola Tazzini Cha

Always awe-inspiring, rugged, and stunningly honest, Italian photographer, Paola Tazzini Cha captures the fluid life of Italian marble quarries and the sculptures and artworks derived from them. We were privileged to feature Paola’s series “Tools” in our Spring 2014 group show at Gallery ABC and recently we asked her to tell us a bit about her education, inspiration, and process behind her breath-taking quarry photos. Here’s what she had to say

ABC Book Recommendation- Designs For Living- Houses By Robert A.M. Stern Architects

Designs For Living

Designs For Living

  In Designs For Living, Roger H. Seifter, Randy M. Correll, Grant F. Marani, and Gary L. Brewer, who lead the residential parctice at Robert A.M. Stern Architects, present fifteen houses the firm has complted over the past 10 years. Each partner presents insight into the design process and his individual approach to working with clients.

On October 29th, we had the privilege of attending a panel discussion at New York’s famed Morgan Library with these auspicious architects and hearing first-hand what it means to create truly innovative homes that respect the architectural history of the individual settings in which they exist. This book is comprised of nearly 400 pages of images and anecdotes and is sure to impress and entertain any design-o-phile. A great gift for the holidays!

NYC&G Winner’s Circle Breakfast

  • The Table is Set...

  • Don McNaughton, Beata Pisalska, Lyndsey Belle Tyler, and Don McGee of ABC Stone

  • Kendall Cronstrom of NYC&G and Darci Heather

  • ABC and NYC&G

  • Photo_6

  • Photo_7

  • Photo_8

  • Photo_9

  • Photo_10

  • Photo_11
  • The Table is Set...
  • Don McNaughton, Beata Pisalska, Lyndsey Belle Tyler, and Don McGee of ABC Stone
  • Kendell Cronstrom and Darci Heather
  • Tracy Brown, Lori Weitzner, Claire Paquin, Lorraine Bonaventura, Veronica Campbell
  • Wesley Moon and Kendell Cronstrom
  • Glenn Gissler
  • Michele Rudolph and Marianne Howatson
  • Iliada Bass and Don McGee
  • Veronica Campbell, Claire Paquin, Kendell Cronstrom, and Glenn Gissler
Earlier this month, we had the honor of hosting the New York Cottages & Gardens Innovation in Design Award Winner’s Circle Breakfast in the Breakthrough Space at the Center For Architecture. It was truly a privilege to dine with the some of the very best in Architecture and Design. All photographs courtesy of Richard Lewin.