This is… Carrara

Awash with translucent light bouncing off the bedrock about 60 miles northwest of Florence sits Carrara. In addition to its world-renowned marble quarries, the city has academies of sculpture and fine arts and a museum of statuary and antiquities, and a yearly marble technology fair. The local marble is exported around the world, and marble from elsewhere is also fashioned and sculpted commercially here. Take a few moments and breathe in the sweeping vistas of magnificent Carrara.

Open House New York Launch Party

Over the course of two days each October, OHNY Weekend opens up hundreds of buildings and sites across the five boroughs for tours and talks. OHNY Weekend celebrates the best of New York architecture and engages the public in a conversation about the importance of design, planning, and preservation to the future of the city.

ABC was there to help celebrate and support this wonderful organization and their mission to inform, educate and inspire. For more information or to get involved, please visit: