Perkins+Will’s ASID Headquarters World’s First Space to Earn LEED and WELL Platinum Certification

HQ for the American Society of Interior Designers, in Washington, D.C, designed by longtime ABC collaborator Perkins+Will, is now the first space in the world to receive both LEED Platinum and WELL Platinum certification: The space features a circadian lighting system that mimics natural daylight, and automated shades which follow the sun’s movement to help eliminate eye strain. The designers also implemented biophilic design strategies, with decorative patterns mimicking those common in nature. The space also allows employees to rotate workstations – records of the frequency of which rotations are fed into a digital dashboard which also displays metrics of the workplace’s environmental performance, air quality, sound levels, and more.

Lake|Flato’s Hog Pen Creek House

A two-storey, L-shaped house designed by our friends at Lake|Flato lies on five acres of land at the end of a road where Lake Austin meets Hog Pen Creek, surrounded and well-shaded by oak and pecan trees. Built around the constraints of easements and a flood plain, hence leaving only one-quarter of an acre of buildable land, the Hog Pen Creek home is essentially a property built from the inside out, with multifarious outdoor porches and walkways winding around the estate. The angular, almost skeletal construction of the site-plan, comprised of distinct units, connected by a kind of “boardwalk,” allows the ingress of copious amounts of natural light, which functions here as a kind of decorative element; and the structures comprising the residences are sided with warm vertical grain Western red cedar, also used to create custom kitchen cabinets and other elements of the interiors.

Studio Gang Architects’ Hive at the National Building Museum​​

Frequent ABC Stone collaborator Studio Gang, headed by Jeanne Gang, is a prominent Chicago- & NYC-based interdisciplinary A+D firm continually undertaking vital and important projects, of which this is one. For their contribution to Washington, D.C’s National Building Museum‘s Summer Block Party installation series, entitled Hive, the studio have turned the museum’s main hall into a… [that’s right, you guessed it]. Comprised of three oculus-topped chambers of stacked silver and magenta-wound paper tubes, the hives were inspired by the Hall’s infamous acoustics issues: the vast open space has nothing of off which sound might bounce so being in it is very much like standing in a field. Sound physics is a very complex discipline – for example, even temperature can effect sound dynamics in a space; – but one with which A+D’s must needs directly engage, either obliquely or directly depending on the nature of the project: this even extends to the consideration of building materials depending on whether they are more or less dense, &c. That Gang is addressing the acoustics issues often created by beautiful architecture in this unorthodox manner is less a curio than it is a glimpse of a way forward for how architects might in the future think about and address matters related to sound.

Maggie’s Centre by Foster + Partners, in Manchester, United Kingdom

Maggie’s Centre will be a new drop-in center for cancer patients receiving ongoing treatments at Manchester’s Christie hospital designed with the emotional well-being of sufferers from cancer in mind. Maggie’s is a charity that provides practical and emotional support in purpose-built settings, and to this end they have enlisted The Lord Foster’s prestigious architectural firm to create colorful, cheery domestic spaces surrounded by verdure, but also with a number of strategically implemented clear sight lines to allow for passive surveillance by the Centre’s staff. It is not only the improvement of the mental health of patients that Maggie’s and our friends at Foster + Partners have sought to accomplish with their plan, but given the still very mysterious nature of cancer, how it moves and where and why it does or does not metastasize, one of the goals of this project is to address the possible psychosomatic causes of cancer with a view towards offsetting them.

Design Brooklyn 2017 Celebration & BBQ | Recap

If design is the premiere art form of the 21st century then Brooklyn is ground zero. Known for its cultural and artistic diversity, the borough is teeming with visionary professionals who have found innovative solutions to every design conundrum under the sun. On Thursday, June 22nd, ABC teamed up with our friends at LUXE Interiors + Design for our 2nd annual Design Brooklyn Celebration. ABC was proud to host and sponsor this BBQ-themed Summer kick-off. Special thanks to Sailor Jerry’s Rum and Beso Del Sol Sangria for their generous and delicious beverage sponsorships.

Photos Courtesy of LUXE Interiors + Design

Stone Discoveries: Bianco Avorio, Grigio Alpi, and Grigio Argento

Owing to its refined aesthetic, and warm, neutral colors, Grassi Pietre stones, namely Bianco Avorio, Grigio Alpi, and Grigio Argento, are particularly suitable for both classical and modern applications. A typical characteristic of the stones is their tendency to grow harder with time, owing to their calcareous structure. This makes them suitable for large external surfaces.

Bianco Avorio is characterized by its light ivory color. It is the result of the sedimentation of innumerable minute fossils, which create its thin, flowery texture through the presence of fossil algae. It is a popular stone for classical sculpture, and suitable for exterior and interior cladding, floors, staircases, and every other building component imaginable.

Grigio Argento is a modern material characterized by its typical grey color. Its unique texture is characterized by the presence of macrofossils in a grey sand matrix.

Similarly, Grigio Alpi, a light grey stone, is characterized by the presence of the same fossil content, and has had a recent resurgence in popularity in modern art and architecture.

A wide variety of effects can be achieved through hand finishing, and it is through this process that the striking aesthetic qualities of the material are realized. In a rigato, or strirated, finish, the materials convey a natural rustic hardiness which make them suitable for an infinitude of exterior applications. In a levigato, or honed, or spazzolato, or brushed, finish, the aesthetic properties of the stones’ fossil content are highlighted.

The material was used extensively by the Venetian Renaissance architect Andrea Palladio, namely in his “Villas of the Veneto,” designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1994.

The Grassi family started working in these quarries in 1850 and is still based in its historical headquarters in Nanto (Vicenza). Grassi Pietre’s close proximity to the quarries on the Berici Hills allows them to produce considerable amounts of material while maintaining constant supervision over quarrying activity. The company can check and select various stratifications in accordance with the requirements of a given order.

Vitória Stone Fair 2017 overcomes circumstances (from Stone World)

As the result of violence caused by a strike of the military police in February, the Vitoría Stone Fair/Marmo+Mac Latin America cancelled its original date, but has regrouped and set June 6 to 9 as its new dates.

Brazil has long been known for its extensive granite varieties, unique quartzite and other exotic stone. And over the years, the Vitoría Stone Fair in Vitoría, Espírito Santo, has grown to become a well-known exhibition with a large international presence. In recent years, the fair’s organizer, Milanez & Milaneze, partnered with the Italian show management, the Veronafiere Group, and the exhibition was renamed the Vitoría Stone Fair/Marmo+Mac Latin America. Unfortunately, due to circumstances beyond its control, the 43rd edition of the stone exhibition, which was originally scheduled for February 14 to 17, 2017, had to be postponed. Show management is pleased to report, however, a new date for the Vitoría Stone Fair/Marmo+Mac Latin America has been set for June 6 to 9, 2017, at the Carapina Events Center, Serra.

The four-day event was canceled in February due to a strike in the military police, which resulted in public security issues in the state of Espírito Santo. “This decision was made considering the multiple requests sent by the exhibitors and visitors of Vitoría Stone Fair to the organizers of the event, with the purpose of preserving the safety and integrity of our customers, exhibitors and visitors, and of all service providers committed to the event,” according to a statement on the fair’s website at the time. “We reaffirm the importance of this international event for the ornamental stone sector, and we reiterate our position to preserve the safety of those involved and hope to have everyone’s understanding.” View this article at STONE WORLD.

ABC Stone Is Proud to Present a World of Possibilities in Soapstone

Equal parts modern, rustic, and elegant, ABC’s Brazilian Soapstone is the apex of natural beauty. Architectural grade soapstone is naturally antibacterial, burn & stain resistant and requires very little maintenance.

ABC is pleased to offer this unique material in a diverse variety of finishes that make the potential applications virtually limitless.

Learn more about ABC’s Brazilian Soapstone.