ROGÉRIO TIMÓTEO born in Anços, Sintra, Portugal in 1967

Interested in Art since early days it was when studying under Mestre Anjos for five years that his horizons opened to the art of sculpting. Reinforcing that process he enrols in the studies of “New marble Technologies” in Vila Viçosa and also in the studies of drawing in Sociedade Nacional de Belas Artes in Lisbon.

Being born in a region where extraction and transformation of marble has a strong presence this material naturally became his preferred medium for sculpting, not excluding nevertheless approaches to new materials and techniques, such as bronze and more recently resin.

His work has been displayed in 25 solo exhibitions and in more than 100 collective ones in Portugal and abroad. And he is represented in private collections in Portugal, Switzerland, Germany, U.S.A., United Kingdom, Austria, France, Poland, Ireland, Canada, Australia, Spain and Luxemburg.

Over the last years has been invited to display his works abroad in Spain, Luxemburg, Germany, and more recently in New York.

Created 26 sculptures designed for public spaces, including 8 of large dimensions: “Mergulhos” in Linda-a-Velha; “Eternidade” in Sintra; “Evolução” in Montelavar, Sintra; “Horizonte” in Cascais; “Jardim do Logos” in Sintra; “Matriz” in Carnaxide, Oeiras; “Pulsare” in Carnaxide and “Ritos de Passagem” in Queluz, Sintra.

2016 Carrara Residency Party Retrospective

For the past 6 years, ABC Stone, in cooperation with New York Academy of Art, has sponsored a stone sculpting Artist Residency in Carrara, Italy, as part of its ongoing commitment to promoting the use of stone in artistic practice. Based at Corsanini Studios, located at the foothills of Apuan Alps, the Carrara Residency exposes students to the global art world, helps them cultivate lifelong relationships, and hone their craft in an immersive environment.

To honor the sculptures produced by the recipients of the 2016 Artist Residency in Carrara, New York Academy of Art students, Jiannan Wu and Brice Esso, ABC Stone held a celebration in its colorful Brooklyn warehouse.

As aerial acrobats entertained guests with their graceful maneuvers overhead, below were enjoyed dozens of new sculptures, from the hyperrealist sculptor Robin Antar, Stephen Shaheen, Barbara Segal, Alasdair Thomson, Michael Kukla, and Barry X Ball among others.

Brice Esso is a perfect example of a contemporary Renaissance Man. Born in Cote d’Ivoire in 1991, his childhood was filled with experiences that helped shape his sensibility for art and culture. Although his family had different expectations for him, he decided to travel abroad to pursue his college degree in America. While completing a Bachelor’s degree in business, Brice reconnected with his passion for visual arts. It is at New York Academy of Art that Brice continues to develop his skills as a sculptor.

Jiannan Wu is celebrated as a young artist specializing in sculpture and drawing. Born in 1990 in Dalian, China, Jiannan started to learn painting and drawing at the age of seven. From 2009 to 2014 he studied sculpture at the China Academy of Art, Hangzhou, and graduated with a BFA. He works in both sculpture and drawing, and is interested in the relationship between image and sculpture. In his creative approach, he uses the combination of two-dimensional images and three-dimensional sculptures—the perspective effect of pictures is utilized in his sculptures.

ABC is honored to have had the opportunity to further the education of these promising young artists. It is our belief that deepening the awareness of stone commensurately widens respect for this venerable medium and millennia-old tradition of transforming it through highly skilled craft.

Entertainment provided: Adair Moran Aerialists

Lighting: Ken Farmer & Kyle Garner of Wild Dogs International

Music provided: DJ Leecy T

Photography: Elliot Goldstein

Culinary delights: Halcyon Gourmet

Photobooth fun: Mashbooths

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