These works are three dimensional interpretations of the process of spiritual purification. In form and concept, they resemble trees, rooted to the material realm and reaching towards the heavens. I am interested in exploring the chromatic qualities of different materials, and using various shades in the "trunk" of my Silent Souls to symbolize the nuanced grays that quotidian life offers and imposes, infused in our trappings, our living spaces and customs. Wood is a living material that constantly changes, even when cut and sculpted. It is an absorber, which is one of the ways I conceive of these works--as filters, purifiers of negative energy. I envision them functioning like the very trees that take in what is respiratory waste for other creatures, and returning life-giving oxygen to the atmosphere.

Carrara Residency Merit Award Party at Gallery 151

This year’s party in honor of the Carrara Residency Merit Award was held at Gallery 151 in the heart of Chelsea. We proudly unveiled “Mother” made of White Carrara marble by Joshua Henderson and “Inner Baby” made of Portuguese Pink marble by Heena Kim. The sculptures were created in Carrara, Italy during the ABC Stone-sponsored residency during the Summer of 2014. 

ABC Stone sponsors the annual Artist Residency in Carrara through the New York Academy of Art as part of its ongoing commitment to sustaining and promoting the use of stone in artistic practice. Of the many creative treatments of this material, traditional carving has suffered a decline of knowledge base during the past century. ABC seeks to address this by pairing young artists with master sculptors for experiential learning through intensive mentoring. It is our belief that deepening the awareness of stone commensurately widens respect for this venerable medium and the millennia-old human tradition in transforming it through highly skilled craft. Whether in Michelangelo’s homeland or in our very own NYC backyard, ABC remains devoted to sponsoring the cultural arts and in particular stone artistry.

Art Miami 2014- The 25th Anniversary

An interpretation of the David by Antonio Pio Saracino

Hero, an interpretation of Michelangelo’s David by Antonio Pio Saracino

Known as Miami’s premier anchor fair, Art Miami kicks off the opening day of Art Week — the first week of December when thousands of collectors, dealers, curators and artists descend upon Miami. World-famous for its stylish gallery-like decor, its outstanding quality and extraordinary variety, Art Miami showcases the best in modern and contemporary art from 125 international art galleries.